Frequently Asked Questions

Beach weddings | Frequently Asked Questions

How far in advance do I need to reserve my wedding date?

Since we book wedding dates daily, the earlier the better to make sure your date and time will be available for you.

How do I reserve my wedding day with you?

We require at least a $450 down retainer fee to be paid Or you can pay in full. With our new online booking system after you have talked with us you can book your wedding on our website on the wedding package page you are wanting to book with us. It lets you customize the package and fill everything in online and do the full payment check out. Or we can also take the order over the phone.

Where do I get my marriage license?

See our page Here for full information

Does the Officiant see us before the wedding takes place and explain the procedure?

Beach weddings are very easy and no rehearsal is needed. This can all be done the day of the wedding right before the wedding starts.

What if we are running late?

Please don't be late plan your day so you are on time come a little early to make sure you are on time.

If your wedding is an hour before sunset at a rented beach house or at our State Park location or any beach area and you are running late. The sun will not wait and it will set without you. The later you are the darker out it will be. Even if you are only 15 minutes late you are looking at 15 minutes of your after wedding photos being in the dark. After sunset in the dark, you will no longer be able to see the water and sky as they are not lit up.

What happens if it rains? (Which is very rare)

We suggest you have a backup location plan, for your wedding. If it is raining or going to be raining, it is your responsibility to have a backup location. If it is raining or is going to be raining thundering and lighting, we cannot set up the arch or decorations on the beach but we can still provide the wedding services inside or under a sheltered area. No refunds will be made due to bad weather. We have versions of our setups that can be set up indoors if needed.

Where will my wedding take place on the beach?

Your wedding will be on the beach at any approved location we approve this can include in front of your condo, hotel or beach house where you are staying. Or at our State Park location assigned to us or another State Park location we are approved to use.

The best location is at our assigned State Park location.

For any condo, hotle or beach home we must approve it first as many we can no longer set up at. Over time many places have added gates and fences we can not get past with out beach carts making it hard for us to get everythig to and from the beach so we can not setup at them. We will not load in walking into condo or hotle lobby or walking around pool areas. We can not park in parking garage as our truck is to tall. All parking much be on the ground area by the beach area we are setting up at.

We also have a large truck and need two parking spaces wide and long by the beach with direct acces to the beach for unloading and loading with out being blocked in.

For homes it needs to be a wedding friendly home with premission from the owner in writting to us. Same with condos we need written premission from them for the wedding date to use the beach at that location. Many condos now charge a extra fee to use the beach for a wedding.


Can I have my children as part of the wedding?

Yes, we like to include them in the sand ceremony, that is where you will pour colored sand into a keepsake bottle you keep as part of the wedding service. Let us know how many children are going to be involved so we will have enough colors of sand available. There is an extra fee of $10 for each extra sand and pouring container needed.

Should I have chairs for my guests since the summer days will be hot on the beach?

The beach in the summer is quite warm and humid sometimes. It might be a more comfortable experience for your immediate family or any elderly guests to be seated to enjoy every minute of your wedding ceremony! You can bring chairs for them if you like. We do not offer chairs but we can recomend a chair rental company that can bring them out and set them up for you.

What is the best time for the wedding?

We only provide our full wedding packages to start at one hour before sunset. In summer it is very hot and we will not be setting up in the hottest part of the day. We will do the wedding setup an hour or so before the wedding start time a hour before sunset.

Will there be a lot of people on the beach?

Most people leave the beach before the one hour before sunset. But depending on your wedding location and time it can be very busy. A rented beach house will be much less busy then a state park beach or behind a hotel with 1000 guests staying and all sharing the same beach area.

How do I find a place to stay?

Look on the Internet under Gulf Shores, Alabama rentals, Perdido Key rentals, Pensacola Beach Rentals.

Can I bring my own Minister/ Officiant?

Yes, you can bring your own minister. And we will provide the Notary service that is needed for the wedding.

Can I select my own colors for the arch or wedding set up flowers?

We already have a good choice of flower colors to pick from that are the most popular. You can pick your flower color and see sample photos for each package for each package we offer.  But if you are looking for something different we do not have Just send us a picture of what you want and we will try and duplicate your idea. There will be an extra fee for this.

Where can I get a wedding cake?

The cakes from Publix have always tasted great that is what we recommend.

Can we bring our own photographer for our wedding? 

Yes. The photographer that is offered in most of our wedding packages is a professional wedding photographer that has shot well over 1000 weddings and knows how to deal with the sun and shooting on the beach. Only professional high-end cameras are used and off camera lighting when needed.

But Yes you can bring your own wedding photographer if you like. In the customizer for your package, you can pick to bring your own photographer, Hire ours or have none its your choice.

Do I have to have a Sand Ceremony?

No, if you do not want the sand ceremony. Just pick that you do not want it when customizing your wedding package.

Can I decorate the Bamboo wedding arch myself?

Yes, you can but you first need to sign a waiver of release of liability so we are not responsible for any harm if you get hurt. Also, you can not nail, tape or tack anything to it. You can use plastic ties that can be cut off when done with. This way it is no damage to the bamboo.

Many times clients create some fantastic looking decorations with great ideas we love seeing them.