Are you looking for country on the beach we have it with the best Gulf Shores Rustic Country beach wedding package.

Burlap wedding arch or burlap wedding arbor anyway you name it we have the country rustic look you are looking for. Gulf Shores country wedding package for your Alabama beach wedding. Burlap and mason jars with country flowers and more for the ultimate rustic beach wedding arch. A shabby country look of elegance ready to order for your big wedding day. Packages include the officiant and professional wedding photography with full setup and take down.

Rustic Country Beach Wedding Package

Rustic Country Beach wedding Package

    • $999 base package startes with


    •  Bamboo wedding arch with real burlap.


    • Special country look flowers made just for this setup. Or pick all White flowers.


    • Wedding Officiant who is also a Notary to Notarize your paperwork. Or you can bring your own wedding officiant if you like and we will still Notarize your wedding paperwork for you that is required.


    • Includes the Beach wedding unity sand ceremony with small table and a heart-shaped sand vase you keep after the wedding.


    • Includes One large Sheppard hook and Medium lantern on it on each side of the wedding arch.


    • Everything is rented for a One hour wedding package time.


    • We do all the setup and takedown.


    • Full booking contract and check out online for easy ordering.


    • Make payments on your wedding package up to one week before your wedding date.


    • Available 7 days a week one hour before sunset.


Customize your package with extras as you wish

Add a custom walkway

    • Add on a six foot walkway with greens and small hooks with matching flowers in mason jars on each side. Also includes matching greens for each side of the wedding arch and matching flowers $200


    • Make it a ten foot walkway with Six larger Sheppard hooks with the mason jars and flowers $300


Rustic Rug Runner

        • Add on a Ten foot rustic rug runner to your wedding package to go down the center walkway area. $75




Add on our Wedding Photography (Highly recommended)

    • Professional photography for your beach wedding.


    • People arriving on the beach, Full Wedding coverage, Group Formal photos, Bride & Groom Walking on the beach after the wedding, Fun photos and portraits.


    • 45 minutes to an hour of photography time.


    • No set amount of photos.  You get all the edited high-resolution images you can download from your customer gallery with in 48 hours.


    • Includes print rights so you can make your own prints.


    • Our wedding photography coverage is one of the best you will find we have shot well over 1000 weddings. We will include photos you will not get from anyone else as we have the timing working out for some photos with the officiant and photographer during the wedding.


    • For the bride and groom photos we shoot a full set of special poses only we offer that we have perfected over the years just for beach weddings.


    • We do not offer before the wedding getting ready photos or wedding reception photos. This is for outside on the beach at the wedding only.


    • We only charge $300 extra for this.


Music System

    • Add on our music sound system A battery powered music system to play music at your wedding. You will have to have your own person to run it. It connects Bluetooth to cell phones. $75.


    • Or you can just buy one yourself for the same price or less and bring it if you want music. Also great for hanging out on the beach so you have one. It needs to be battery powered as we have no power on the beach.


    • You can play music as people arrive, Music for the wedding party and bride walking down and music after the wedding when photos are being done.


Starts at $999 Rustic Country Beach Wedding Package

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Rustic Country Wedding Package

Rustic Country Beach Wedding Package

How To Order This Beach Wedding Package

Fill in all the information in the order form below about your wedding.

Pick the package items you want in your package.

Pick your options for Wedding Officiant, Sand Ceremony and Photography.

To book your wedding date with us we can take full payment, or a $450 retainer to lock in your wedding date.

All payments must be finished and paid off 5 days before the wedding date.

Read the contract agreement and digitally sign it

Click on the Pay Now button to be taken to Paypal for payment.

Do Not Place Your Order Unless You Have Talked With Us First To Make Sure We have Your Wedding Date And Time Available.

Need wedding chairs for your guests?

We recommend a local chair company that can bring out as many chairs as you want. Renting them still ends up costing you less than what others charge for a wedding package with chairs included. They will bring them out and set them up and take them down for you. You can also go pick them up Call us for information.