Gulf Shores Area Wedding Locations

Great places for your Alabama beach wedding - Gulf Shores beach wedding locations

State Park Beach Locations that require at $150 wedding permit fee

The Gulf Shores State Park Pavilion area is a great location for your beach wedding. We are a official Gulf State Park wedding vendor and we have an assigned beach location right behind the pavilion. Our assigned beach location is close to the restrooms, snacks water fountain and great parking. We have many beach wedding setups including our bamboo Sunshine, Towers of love. Black Dimond and Red heart in the sand. Or our simple walk out on the beach wedding officiant packages. The state park requires a $150 wedding permit fee. Including free parking for you and your guests. Each guest needs a wedding invitation card on the dash.

Cotton Bayou Weddings

Cotton Bayou is available for beach weddings starting after 5 PM. This is a busy beach area so after 5 it is much less busy making it more easy to get parking. This also will not interfere with people going to the beach most of the day. We can do our full beach wedding setups or small and walk out weddings at Cotton Bayou. A state park permit is required that we will get for you that cost $150 in advance. The soon you have us get the permit the better to make sure you are all set for this location. Cotton Bayou features a beach walkway, bathrooms and an ok amount of parking spaces. Expect to be by other weddings going on at the same time a popular location.

Alabama Point East

The Alabama Point East is a popular location for tourists and beachgoers. In summer June, July and August it can be very hard to get a parking space. If you have many guests we do not recommend this location in the main summer months. But we can do weddings here. We would do any setups down the short beach walkway to the right. We have a hard time finding parking as well making it hard to get any larger setup packages out to the beach. Due to this in Summer we will only do any of our smaller setups at this location or our walk out wedding officiant jobs. After or before summer we can do the larger setups like in Oct, Nov and so on..

No Wedding Permit Fee Areas

Beach Rental Homes

One of the best locations for your Gulf Shores area beach wedding is behind a rented beach home. The beach area will be much less crowded. No State park permit is needed. You can have your reception or party after the wedding with no driving around. Much more easy for getting ready and just walking down to the wedding on the beach. If you can find a beach wedding friendly home to rent this is the best choice for your beach wedding.

Condos On The Beach

A rented condo on the beach is also a great location for your beach wedding. Just make sure you get permission from the condo resort first to make sure they are ok with you having your wedding on the beach behind the condo complex. This works out great for having a place for many wedding guests to stay all at the same location and just walk down to your wedding. Many condo resorts also offer some wedding receptions options.

Behind A Beach Hotel

Getting married behind a Gulf Shores area beach hotel can be great for small weddings. We do a lot of small walk out on the beach weddings at many hotels on the Alabama coast. Get permission first as they many times have a lot of weddings going on each day. Many hotels have bars and restaurants making them a wonderful location for your beach wedding.